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Dental treatment in a dream

The times when dental treatment was carried out without anesthesia, have long sunk into oblivion. But, despite this, many patients continue to experience fear, barely approaching the dentist's office. Salvation for such people can be dental treatment in a dream in Moscow - under general anesthesia or in sedation.

Option 1: general anesthesia

After the introduction of anesthesia, the patient literally falls asleep for several hours and wakes up with already healthy teeth. In the process of treatment, he does not hear, does not see, and most importantly - does not feel. The use of this method is justified with a strong fear of the procedure, some neurological diseases (epilepsy, cerebral palsy) or in cases where a long-term intervention is required (for example, with the simultaneous installation of several implants).

Our clinic uses only modern drugs for anesthesia, which have a minimum of side effects. Patients gently fall into a dream and easily wake up - after 30 minutes, all reflexes return to them, and they can safely go home. The supply of drugs is through a mask. The dose is selected individually by the anesthetist after a full examination. If any contraindications are identified, the doctor will try to choose another way to solve your problem.

Option 2: sedation

Sedation is not even a dream, but a state of deep relaxation. The patient is given an injection of a drug that has a calming effect. Fear and anxiety at the same time completely disappear, but the ability to be aware of what is happening and maintain contact with the dentist is preserved.

Sedatives have a weak analgesic effect, so treatment is carried out under local anesthesia. Dental treatment in a dream is absolutely safe for the body and can be used from the age of 4. The technique is absolutely safe for the body and can be used from 4 years of age. It is especially recommended for patients with severe chronic diseases in which any nervous tension is undesirable (for example, with hypertension, diabetes mellitus, thyroid diseases).

If necessary, sedation can be carried out for several hours. The action of drugs stops almost immediately after the termination of its receipt.

Why get nervous and worried? Choose a dental treatment in a dream, the cost of which is not comparable with the loss of your nerve cells and the level of stress. Dental treatment in a dream in Moscow is an ideal option for dental care without fear.

ROMDENT | Dental treatment in a dream
ROMDENT | Dental treatment in a dream
ROMDENT | Dental treatment in a dream